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Jun 01 2017

Four Instagram post ideas for nonprofits

I think Instagram is the best social media channel for nonprofits. It’s simple photo + story format make it very easy to operate and manage. Using hashtags can easily get your content in front of more eyeballs. And the feed isn’t cluttered with fake news links and obnoxious ads like Facebook.

Over the next couple week’s we’ll be doing a series of posts about how nonprofits can use Instagram. Today we are starting with the basics…what to post! Have more ideas? Share them with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to include your Instagram handle so we can follow you.

Staff Bios

Snap a photo of a staff member and write a little blurb about them. Doesn’t have to be extravagant or detailed, just a little something to help followers get to know the organization better. Include things like their job description, how many years they’ve worked/volunteered, their most memorable moment with the organization, hobbies, pets, family, etc. Keep it light, informal and funny.

PROTIP: Warn your staff a day or two before you plan to take the pictures otherwise you’ll hear a bunch of “I’m not camera ready” excuses.


It stands for Throw Back Thursday and it’s a great way to educate followers about the history of your organization. Go way back into the archives and dig up some old photos of the founders, early days working out of a garage, old events, etc.

PROTIP: #TBT posts are perfect for advanced scheduling. Find a stack of 10-20 photos, write up the captions, and schedule them to publish throughout the year.

Inspirational Quotes

Was there a particularly powerful quote shared at the last team meeting? Do you have a certain song on repeat during your work day? Share your inspiration with your followers. Include a personal note about specific ways that inspiration is helping you get through the day.

PROTIP: Sites like allow you to turn those quotes and lyrics into graphics perfect for Instagram.

Impact Stories

The most important things to share with your followers are the various ways your organization impacts individuals and the community. You should be constantly gathering these stories so that you have a bank of them to share. Did you just build a house for an Army Veteran? Post a picture of the house and the story of why your organization built that specific house for the specific person. Are you making blankets for premature babies? Take a picture of volunteers sewing together and tell your followers where the blankets are going.

PROTIP: Always make sure you have someone’s permission before posting their picture and sharing their story. Let them see all content before posting to ensure they are 100% comfortable with what is being shared. Their well being is more important than any marketing strategy.

**BONUS** Reposts

Repost what people are posting about you. It’s super easy and helps build a relationships with your followers.

PROTIP You can’t repost within the Instagram app, you need a third party app called RepostApp.


We can help you create a content calendar and create the actual posts. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email

May 16 2017

Father’s Day Direct Mail Postcards

Download the Fathers Day Order Form and either email it to or fax it to 949-452-0381

A simple, classic Father’s Day postcard that is perfect for your social list or farm. We can also convert this to an EDDM size.




This lead generation postcard is Father’s Day themed. Use light humor, an adorable picture and the upcoming holiday to encourage recipients to call you for their real estate needs.

Oct 03 2016

This is Halloween! Time To Make A Postcard Scene!

First of all, if you don’t understand the title of this blog post, do yourself a favor and watch this video:


Secondly, order some postcards! We’ve got two for Halloween and two for Daylight Savings. My personal favorites are the sea star witches and the cuckoo clocks. Let us know your favorites in the comments below. Then download the Halloween and Daylight Savings order form and order your favorites!


Halloween_DaylightSavings_Halloween2 Halloween_DaylightSavings_Halloween

Daylight Savings


Halloween and Daylight Savings order form


Feb 26 2016

4 Ways Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners Can Generate Leads (#TipTuesday)

Every Tuesday, I share some quick marketing tips through our social media platforms with the hashtag #TipTuesday. In case you’re looking for a little more information about each of these tips, I’ve expanded my thoughts below. Remember, One Step Services can help you implement any and all of these ideas. Just call us at 949-587-5301 or email  

Generate leads by holding a contest and gathering entries through social media, direct mail, online and in store.

There are hundreds of different contests. Some of the most popular ones we’ve seen are coloring contests through direct mail; business cards submitted for a drawing; social media contests where an entry is a share, follow or comment.

Generate leads by asking past clients for referrals. Give them a discount or other reward if possible.

Satisfied clients make the best sales people, so make it a point to regularly ask for testimonials and referrals. Send a postcard with two coupons, one for the recipient and one for them to give to a friend. Hold an event for your clients and offer an incentive if they bring a friend who has never done business with you before. Or, make it a long term company policy that anyone who refers a friend gets a discount on their next order (assuming that friend actually places an order).

Generate leads by offering a free downloadable gift on your website in return for contact information.

This strategy is pretty straightforward and effective. Create something that is of value to your clients. It could be an ebook. a how to guide. a motivational video, a playlist. Then offer it to them for free in exchange for their name and email address (or other contact information.)

Generate leads by sending personalized direct mail to a targeted audience offering products and services they need.

The more personalized a direct mail piece is, the more effective it is. If you have a client relations management system, you can gather data about past clients and use that create mailing pieces that will generate more business from old or existing clients. If you’re looking for brand new leads, data mining companies can provide lists of people that meet certain demographic, economic, geographic and social criteria. At One Step, we can use variable data to incorporate that data into mailing pieces, making each one unique.

Generate leads by through Facebook Ads and landing pages

Facebook ads are cost effective and easy to create. There are quite a lot of rules, however, so make sure you familiarize yourself with them before creating the ad. The ad should send people to a landing page, preferably on your website, where they can leave their contact information. Remember our tip a couple weeks ago where we suggested offering a free downloadable gift in exchange for contact info? Your landing page would be the perfect place to do that.

Dec 04 2015

Marketing doesn’t take a holiday

During the holidays, the hares of the business world take a break. They know they are bigger, faster, and stronger than the competition, so why not relax a little and enjoy the fruits of their labor? But all it takes is one determined, unrelenting tortoise to break ahead and push the hares back. come January, the tortoise has a strategic marketing plan in place and is already seeing an increase in business, while the hare is scrambling to get back in the race.

bethetortoise3 Ways to Gain the Lead in 2016

Update your brand– One Step Services’ designers will update your logo and overall brand so that it fits your new goals and business plan, without being so different that your current client base doesn’t recognize you anymore.

Set up a campaign– It takes a little bit of time, effort and brain power to create an effective direct marketing campaign. Get started on your direct mail and/or direct email campaign in  December, and the whole thing will be ready to launch first week of January.

Try new marketing pieces– Did you know that at One Step Services we can create and print listing presentations, pre listing brochures, trade show displays, storefront signs, stationery, die cut printed pieces, booklets, magazines, and so much more? If you are looking to spice up your marketing, we can give you some great marketing ideas.

Come in for an appointment with our Director of Client Relations to discuss your small business marketing needs and get set up for success in January. Schedule your FREE 90 minute consultation by calling 949-587-5301 or emailing


Nov 15 2015

Looking for something unique for your holiday direct mail marketing?

Looking for something a little different to send to your clients this holiday season? The unique size of these 4×9 folded cards make them stand out in the mail. They come with a tear off calendar which recipients can keep all year round. The calendar has space for your contact info and branding, so every time they reference it they’ll be reminded to do business with you. Order these cards by December 7th and receive 10% off printing costs.

Holiday Calendars Order Form
OSS_4x9_CitySnow OSS_4x9_HotChocolate OSS_4x9_Snowman


We also have 5×7 folded greeting cards and, our most popular holiday item, 8.5×5.5 postcards. Contact us at 949-587-5301 or for more info or to place an order.

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