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Mar 16 2017

Instagram, Baby Moccs and Marketer’s Weakness

I’ve never been particularly fond of moccasins, and I’ve always thought baby shoes were a waste of money. But I’m currently obsessed with Freshly Picked baby moccasins. This, dear reader, is a story about storytelling and how one shoe company has used it to to build an incredibly successful business.

I was introduced to Freshly Picked at a friend’s baby shower, when my son was two and my daughter was simply a twinkle in my eye. While I wasn’t super impressed with the look of moccasins, the idea of soft soled shoes appealed to me. I quickly followed them on Instagram while I munched on cake. When I got home, I looked at the website and saw that the cost averaged $60. Sixty bucks for baby shoes? No thanks.

But I never unfollowed them. I watched as they released new designs and I started to actually like the look of the shoes. I saw pictures of chunky legged babies and energetic toddlers living fantastic lives, so it seemed, because of the moccs. I read testimonials from other moms claiming these were the best shoes ever. And now, as we approach my daughter’s first birthday, I am saving up to give her a pair of Freshly Picked moccs. I’ve caught the bug, and I’m not even sorry about it.

Surely, a company hasn’t turned me into a believer simply through their Instagram feed? They have. Honestly, it’s the only interaction I have had with them. Here’s how they did it:

Powerful visual storytelling

They’ve dubbed their shoes “memory keepers.” After a while, the baby’s footprint will appear at the bottom of the shoe. Their instagram feed is full of mom’s sharing old pairs of moccs that they hang onto because they love the footprint. It reminds them of park days, birthdays, first steps, first vacations, games of tag with siblings. Other FP posts show pictures of these events, smiling babies on a swing, sleeping newborns, big kids walking off to kindergarten. Scrolling through their feed is like looking at photo albums of a million happy, healthy, mocc wearing babies. Who doesn’t want that story for their kids? And while I know my kids can be perfectly happy without these shoes, cute shoes certainly don’t hurt.

Focused messaging

About 90% of Freshly Picked posts are about their moccasins. Whether it’s introducing a new design or showcasing a babe wearing their shoes, it’s mocc talk most of the time. When they do sway from the messaging, they still remain in the same sphere of family and baby products. This is important because it builds brand consistency, reinforces the message, and reduces risk of conflict or offense. As the old adage goes, do one thing and do it well. They do moccs and they don’t pretend to do anything else.   

Lots of engagement

I think they average one contest a week. And generally they are the same…in order to enter, you have to like their post and tag a friend. My friend and I tagged each other in every contest for a  year before one of us won (she did, not me. Sad day) And we could tag multiple friends for multiple entries, so I introduced a few friends to the brand through tagging. Those are simple actions for followers with a big impact for the brand. They have 724,000 followers. If even just 10% of those followers tagged one friend every contest, that’s exposure to 72,400 new followers every contest.

Freshly Picked not only encourages engagement from their followers, they do their part to engage as well. They respond to comments and questions on their posts, they like comments, and they repost photos of their customers sporting the moccs.

Through this engagement, they have created a community. While their Instagram feed is definitely a place where they introduce new product, advertise sales and encourage people to buy, it doesn’t FEEL like one big advertisement. It feels like a community, like a series of small stories. That’s why I keep following.

As someone who works in marketing, I like to consider myself immune to the “tricks of the trade.” But the truth is, the tricks work. Which is why baby girl will be getting a pair of ridiculously priced moccs on her first birthday. Sometimes, you just  gotta give into the emotional marketing, even if you know better.

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins freshlypicked • Instagram photos and videos

Mar 07 2017

Baseball Schedule Postcards Ready To Order

Celebrate baseball’s opening day by mailing the complete season schedule for the Angels, Dodgers or Padres. These pieces provide valuable information that recipients are likely to keep around for a while, so they are perfect  for building name recognition. Opening day is the beginning of April, so order today to ensure timely delivery.

Download Baseball Schedules 2017 order form

baseball schedule dodgers baseball schedule padres baseball schedule angels

Feb 24 2017

First Five Marketing Pieces For New Real Estate Agents

So you’re a new real estate agent? Congrats! We’ve worked with agents for over 20 years, and we know how much hard work goes into getting your license. Now that you have the license, and you’ve chosen a broker to work with, it’s time to start getting your name out there.

Marketing your real estate business can be overwhelming, especially at the beginning. There are SO MANY different strategies, products, channels and all of them promise success. However, you don’t have the money or time to try them all. So here are the 5 most important marketing pieces you need as a new agent. Invest in these and save everything else for when you close that first deal.

First Five Marketing Pieces for real estate agents

Order your business cards, signs, brochures, stationery, and listing presentation from One Step Services! We create custom designs that will set you apart from your competitors. We are also experts in real estate marketing strategy and can help you create and execute a long term marketing plan to generate leads and get referrals. Call us at 949-587-5301 to set up a free consultation.

Jan 18 2017

Share Your Real Estate Expertise With These Informational Postcards

As the year begins, many people are wondering if they should sell their home. They’re curious about the market, if prices will increase, what interest rates will be. Prove yourself an expert by answering some of their basic questions with these informational real estate marketing postcards. The strong call to action encourages recipients to contact you for even more information.

Download 2017 Real Estate Forecast Order Form

What To Expect: 2017 Real Estate Forecast


Are Rising Mortgage Rates Good For Sellers?


Looking for ways to spice up your direct mail marketing in 2017? Read our article 8 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign or 15 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Direct Mail for inspiration. When you’re ready to put your ideas into action, call us at 949-587-5301 or email

Jan 17 2017

Valentine’s Marketing Postcards for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

Our Valentine’s postcards are a perfect way to show your contacts some love! We have two options, one is real estate focused and the other can be tailored to fit any business. Use the text we’ve provided or come up with your own.

Download the Valentines Day Postcards Order Form

Sweetheart Deal


Home Is Where The Heart Is



Need help staying consistent with your direct mail marketing? Create a mailing schedule with one of our customer service reps and they’ll email you reminders when it’s time to mail. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email

Jan 13 2017

First Five Direct Mail Postcards

How do you introduce yourself to a new real estate farm? Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned vet, the answer is essentially the same.

direct mail marketing real estate

A real estate agent’s first five direct mail postcards should include an introduction/about me card, market update, testimonial, Just Listed/ Sold or Open House, and a contest. At One Step Services, we are real estate marketing experts. We can design these postcards for you, print and mail them. We’ll even set you up on a mailing schedule so you don’t have to remember to place an order. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email to get started. 

Mar 29 2016

Download Your Free Direct Mail Marketing Calendar

Our Second Quarter Marketing Calendar is now available for real estate professionals. These calendars take the guess work out of direct mail marketing and give you a strategic, week by week plan that includes content ideas and guidelines of when to order and when to mail. We understand the importance of integrating direct mail with digital marketing as well, and have including blog topics and social media post ideas, many of which are correlated with your direct mail content.

These calendars are 100% free. Download today and get started.

Download our 2nd Quarter Monthly Marketing Calendar

What will you find in our marketing calendars?

  • All of the content ready postcards we are offering for the quarter
  • Direct mail marketing ideas for every week
  • Blog ideas for every week, many of which integrate with your direct mail marketing campaign
  • Social media post ideas for every week

How should you use the calendar?

  • Find the upcoming Monday on the calendar
  • Look at what piece is recommended for that week
  • Call or email One Step Services and place your order. Schedule the mailing for the following Friday.
  • We’ll send you proofs of your piece and, once it’s approved, print it out for you. We can then mail it, or return it to you so you can walk and drop.
  • Look at the blog and social media ideas for that week. Write them out, and schedule them to publish on the recommended date.

Need more help?

Let us create a mailing schedule for you. We’ll send you a reminder email when its time to place a mailing order, and that email can offer suggestions based on your predetermined preferences. Simply respond to that email saying “yes, place my order!” and we’ll take are of the rest. We also have social media services available where we can create and post to your social channels for you. Email us for more information and a price quote.

Jan 16 2014

8 Ways One Step Can Help You Build Brand Visibility

In our last article we talked about building brand recognition. One important way of building brand recognition is to make your brand visible to your target audience over and over and over and over and over again. They need to see your brand in their mailboxes, email inboxes, on their commute to work, in their favorite magazines and on websites they frequently visit. Repeated exposure will turn strangers into prospects, prospects into clients and clients into repeat customers who tell their friends how great your business is.

We know that as a small business owner, you want to increase brand visibility and build brand recognition, but you aren’t sure how. And even if you did know how, where would you find the time? That’s where we come in. We know how to expose your target audience to your brand and we have the tools to do your marketing for you. There are literally hundreds of different ways we can help you, but here are 10 things that highlight our most popular services.

  • We can turn your car into a mobile billboard.  In Southern California, we spend a lot of time sitting in traffic looking at other people’s cars. Why not capitalize on that? We can create bumper stickers and magnets with your brand and whatever messaging you desire. This type of marketing requires very little effort on your part and can last for quite a while without needing to be updated.  The next time someone sits next to you in traffic, they’ll be exposed to your brand. They might even use their hands free set to call you right then and find out more about your business.
  • We can bring customers in your door with coupons. How many times have you tried a new restaurant, or Very few things will get new clients in your doors faster than a discount. Our graphic designers at One Step can create branded mailers with detachable coupons, print them and send them to a list of addresses that you provide.
  • We can direct people to your business with signage.  Yes you need signs for your storefront, but think bigger than that. How about putting a sign on a busy intersection by your place of business? There is a cupcake bakery tucked away in a business park near our office. We wouldn’t even know that it existed if the owners didn’t put signs on the corners of a busy intersection nearby. You may also need signs for trade shows, open houses, farmers markets, community events, and point of sale. Just tell us what you want to use your signs for and we’ll suggest the best size, material and mounting style.
  • We can create print ready advertising. Are you looking to build brand recognition by advertising in magazines or newspapers? Simply send us the ad specs (the publication can provide that to you) and we’ll create an ad to match those specs. We can even email it to the publication for you if you’d like. We are also able to create some digital ads as well, just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  • We can bring people to your next event with email invitations. Are you having an open house this weekend? Is there a week long sale going on at your retail store? Share this news with past and potential clients through a mass email, also known as an eblast. We can design one and send it on your behalf. Once it is sent, we can provide you with information about who opened the email so you can follow up.
  • We can build your contact list with return reply flyers. Do you like the idea of sending out eblasts but don’t know who you would send it to? Collect email address and other contact information from prospective clients by mailing a return reply flyer. A return reply flyer has a detachable form that people can fill out and return to you. Usually there is some incentive for them to do this, like a contest or free product. Have a space on the form for email and viola, you’ve started a list of people interested in your business who would appreciate receiving your branded marketing emails.
  • We can keep you at top of mind with presentation packets. Are you meeting with retail stores to convince them to sell your product? Are you running a home improvement business that frequently gives estimates to potential clients? Are you introducing your business at a conference or tradeshow? When you’re competing for someone’s business it’s important to stay top of mind. Putting your proposals on branded letterhead, having a full color brochure that highlights your best features, and having a uniquely designed business card will help those potential clients remember who you are and why they want to work with you. We can create all these for you, as well as a branded presentation folder to keep everything in.
  • We can create repeat exposure with events schedules. The point of all these marketing tactics is to expose your brand to people over and over again. What better way to gain repeat exposure than by giving people something they’ll keep on their fridge and reference over and over again? We routinely compile baseball, football, Olympic, and holiday events schedules. You can put a schedule on the back of a postcard that bears your company brand. People will routinely reference the postcard throughout the season and each time they do, they’ll be reminded to do business with you.

Need help with something that’s not on the list? No problem. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email and we’ll make it happen.


Dec 16 2013

Mailbox Monday- Pelican Hill Resort Mailer

Seeing as I work in the direct mail marketing biz, I pay attention to my junk mail more than the average person. Every so often I come across a piece that strikes my fancy, either because it’s particularly good or particularly bad. When I come across these pieces, I share them in a fun little segment I call “Mailbox Monday.”

This week I was impressed with a mailer Sandy received from The Resort at Pelican Hill. Pelican Hill is a full service resort in Newport Beach and the purpose of their mailer was to get us to book a company holiday party with them. I’ll take you through each piece of the packet and highlight the things that make it awesome. As you look through this and see things you’d like to use in your own business, let us know! As a graphic design, mail and print house we can put together any type of direct mail piece you’d like to promote your business.

The Letter

When looking at this letter, the first thing I noticed was that it said “Dear Sandra” instead of “Dear Recipient.” The sender was able to do this with variable data (which, by the way, is something we can do too). The result is a personalized letter that is more likely to get opened.

The second thing I noticed was the list in the middle of the letter. Since the rest of the letter was written in paragraphs, the list stood out and its contents were intriguing. What’s a prosecco toast and how can I get homemade truffle party  favors? My interest was sparked and so I read the entire letter.

I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the letter. Instead of getting a sales pitch telling me how great The Resort at Pelican Hill is (which is what I was expecting) I was offered help in planning my upcoming holiday party. The letter was centered on me and my needs and outlined the ways that Pelican Hill could meet those needs. The letter didn’t tell me how great Pelican Hill was, instead it lead me to draw that conclusion on my own.

Lastly, there are things that stick out to me because I’m in the direct mail business. Things like paper quality, unique branded letterhead and a legible font type all work together to create a professional presentation. And while the average person may not be able to identify those things specifically, it’s because of those things that she’ll look at that letter and think “wow, this is incredibly classy and well put together.”

sales letter direct mail

We can create custom letterhead, create content and mail out sales letters for your business

The Booklet

While the contents of the letter were focused on the recipient, the contents of the book are all about the resort. Once they sparked my interest and identified my need, it was time to show me how they could meet that need. Pelican Hill chose to do this primarily through photos. About 75% of the book is made up of big, beautiful, high quality photography. Without reading a single word, I was able to get a feel for what the resort was like and what kind of party I could have there. When I did read the words, I found out more details about the resorts various venues, different catering services

graphic design company orange county

direct mail

Like this book? We can design, print and mail one for your business!

The Packaging

My favorite part of this mailer is the packaging. The letter and the booklet were enclosed in a clear plastic pouch. Without opening anything I was able to see the personalized letter and the stunning cover of the booklet. To me, this packaging makes a lot of sense. Why waste time and resources coming up with ways to interest people in opening an envelope with great content when you can just use the content itself to spark the recipients interest? Plus it goes right along with the clean, minimalist look that is present in the letter and the booklet.

direct mail best practices

Obviously I was impressed with this mailer. But did it motivate me to book a holiday party with Pelican Hill? No. We prefer more laid back, family oriented holiday parties here at One Step. But if you can’t get a sale, the next best thing is to get people talking about your brand, company or service. So I’d say the mailer was still a success 🙂


Oct 10 2013

The Environmental Impact of Print: Myth vs Reality

environmental impact of printThere are many popular misconceptions about the impact that printed materials have on the environment. However, the idea that print is detrimental to the environment is factually wrong.

Myth: Paper is Made from Fresh-Cut Trees
Reality: Paper is Made Primarily from “Waste” Products
In the United States, the vast majority – a full two-thirds – of the fiber used to make paper comes from sources other than fresh-cut trees. One-third comes from wood chips and sawmill scraps, one-third comes from recycled paper and just one-third comes from “new growth” trees.1
Of course, these statistics are based on industry averages. There are 200 mills in the United States that use recovered fiber exclusively.2

Myth: Print Leads to Deforestation
Reality: Print Promotes Trees
Contrary to commonly-held belief, paper mills are not cutting down old-growth forests in order to make paper. Nearly all the wood used in paper production comes from “tree farms” – acres of trees grown as a renewable crop, like broccoli or wheat. Print actually gives private landowners a financial incentive to grow trees rather than selling off their land for other uses, such as development.3 As Dr. Patrick Moore, Co-Founder of Greenpeace, has stated, “Using wood sends signals to the marketplace to grow more trees.”

Myth: The Tree Population is Shrinking
Reality: More Trees and Forests Exist Today Than 20 Years Ago
With the increased demand for printed goods that we’ve seen over time, many people believe that the forests must be shrinking. This is simply not true. There are 12 million more acres of forest in the U.S. today than there were 20 years ago; between 1953 and 2006 we saw a 49% increase in the number of trees still standing after mortality and harvesting.4

1U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste.
2American Forest and Paper Association.
3Edward L. Glaeser, Professor of Economics, Harvard University, “A Road Map for Environmentalism,” Boston Globe, May 21, 2007.
4Down to Earth.

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