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Apr 11 2017

Ways to Engage Your Geographic Farm This Summer

ways to engageAt One Step Services, we are all about real estate farming. We truly believe it is one of the best ways for a real estate agent to market their business. And while direct mail is the backbone of farming, other channels, such as door knocking and social media, are also important.

One of those other channels is neighborhood involvement. If you send out postcards every month saying how much you love the community, how involved you are, etc, then you need to show it! And summer is a great time to get out and get involved.

Engaging with your community allows you to:

  • Stay in contact with past clients (those buyers you moved into the neighborhood).
  • Meet new prospects face to face, learn about them, and target your marketing to them.
  • Build trust in you and your brand. When people see you putting your words into action, they’ll trust you more and will be more likely to do business with you.

Here are some ideas to get you engaged with the community this summer:

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt. There are so many ways to do this, a simple search on Pinterest will lead to lots of ideas. This idea would be especially effective if you have a lot of new people who have moved into the neighborhood in the past year. It will help them discover new places and people in their new neighborhood.

Icecream Social. Everyone loves free ice cream! Simply set up a table in your driveway (or on a street corner) with ice cream supplies and some homemade signs. This works great as a last minute idea. Just do it in the evening as everyone is driving home from work and school and you won’t need to send out invitations.

Driveway Movie Night. This is great if you live in the neighborhood, or have a good friend that does. Set up a projector and show a movie on your garage door serve up popcorn and drinks, and encourage everyone to bring chairs and blankets. This is an easy low cost way to bring the neighborhood together.

Neighborhood Improvement Project. It can be as simple as a trash pick up day or something a little more complicated like fixing the yard of a neighbor in need. Whatever it is, getting everyone to rally around a cause that improves their community is great for morale, and property values.

Sponsor an HOA event. Every Easter, my HOA hosts an egg hunt at the clubhouse. One of the local real estate agents sponsors it. Her name is on the promotional material, and the day of the event she passes out prizes to each of the kids. Most people in the neighborhood recognize her name and brand, and many are friends with her. This annual event is a great way for her connect with old clients and new prospects.

Hand out Pop Bys. – Pop bys are little gifts you leave on doorsteps. The longer summer days give agents extra time to do some door knocking, and the gifts a great way to get prospects to remember you. Lots of agents hand out small yard flags for 4th of July. Other fun summer ideas would be a bottle of bubbles, a packet of seeds, a shovel and pail, insulated cups with your logo, reusable grocery bags. Make sure the gifts are relevant and can be used by people in your farm.

We’d love to hear your ideas. Tell us, what do you do to engage your farm?

Mar 07 2017

4 Reasons To Start Farming Today

At One Step Services we are huge supporters of geographic farming for real estate agents. It’s simple, affordable and effective. If you haven’t yet, we highly encourage you to make farming a central part of your 2017 marketing plan. Here’s why:

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Jan 18 2017

Share Your Real Estate Expertise With These Informational Postcards

As the year begins, many people are wondering if they should sell their home. They’re curious about the market, if prices will increase, what interest rates will be. Prove yourself an expert by answering some of their basic questions with these informational real estate marketing postcards. The strong call to action encourages recipients to contact you for even more information.

Download 2017 Real Estate Forecast Order Form

What To Expect: 2017 Real Estate Forecast


Are Rising Mortgage Rates Good For Sellers?


Looking for ways to spice up your direct mail marketing in 2017? Read our article 8 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign or 15 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Use Direct Mail for inspiration. When you’re ready to put your ideas into action, call us at 949-587-5301 or email

Nov 03 2016

The Only Farming Postcard You Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are here and it’s time to kick your marketing into high gear. We’ve compiled a list of holiday events taking place in Orange County and San Diego County. Choose a size and a design, then cities and events most relevant to your audience. We’ll send to a database you provide or simply print and return them to you.

Our holiday schedule of events is fantastic farming piece. Its purpose is to build name and brand recognition, and establish you as a trustworthy and active member of the community.

Order Forms

North Orange County Holiday Schedule

San Diego County Holiday Schedule

South Orange County Holiday Schedule



real estate direct mail marketing

This design is available as an 8.5×5.5 (pictured) or 8.5×8.5 and is available for South County, North County and San Diego County.


holiday schedule of events san diego

This design is available as an 8.5×5.5 (pictured) or 8.5×8.5 and is available for South County, North County and San Diego County.

Holiday Wreath

direct mail holiday marketing

This design is available as an 8.5×5.5 (pictured) or 8.5×8.5 and is available for South County, North County and San Diego County.

Sep 25 2015

An Easy Way To Use Testimonials In Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Our newest batch of Content Ready Postcards are ready for ya! Receive 10% off when you order before October 16th. To order, download our postcard order form and email it to If you have questions, call us at 949-587-5301.

Testimonials are great trust builders! People trust other people and businesses who come highly recommended, and sharing testimonials gives you credibility while highlighting specific aspects of your business. When people trust you, they call you! postcard order form


These testimonial postcards are designed to be simple and draw attention to your testimonials. Please submit testimonials when placing your order, and know that our designers may have to cut them down in order to make them fit on the postcard. postcard order form


Connecting with homeowners, even those who aren’t ready to sell, is vital to successful direct mail marketing. All homeowners will appreciate these tips on how to protect their homes against the heavy rains due to hit Southern California this winter. The call to action on the back lets homeowners know that when they are ready to sell, they should call you! postcard order form


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