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Mar 29 2017

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Mailing

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In order to be successful with direct mail marketing, you need to be consistent. If you find yourself low on funds, you may be tempted to skip a mailing. DON’T! This will lead to inconsistency and loss of the momentum you’ve already gained. Instead, consider cutting costs with these tactics.

  1. Convert color postcards to black and white. You can convert one side or both. Many people choose to just convert the back to black and white, since most of the card is taken up by text and address anyways. At One Step, this one change will save you about 8 cents a card. You can also convert both sides to black and white to save even more. Just be aware that some of the design may be compromised once the color is taken out. If possible, tell your designer ahead of time that you want the postcard to be able to print well in black and white so that they can design accordingly.
  2. Check for quantity discounts. At One Step Services, we offer discounts for 500+, 1000+, 1500+, 2000+. In some cases, ordering more will actually save you money. For example, if you are ordering 475 full color 8.5×5.5 postcards, you’ll actually save about $10 if you bump your order up to 500.
  3. Clean your mailing lists. It’s a waste of money to send a mailer to bad addresses. A bad address is any address that doesn’t fit into your target market. For example, if you are a real estate agent looking for listings, you won’t want to send the postcard to renters. You also don’t want to send to people who have asked to be taken off your list, or to addresses that are undeliverable. Regularly clean your list to make sure you aren’t wasting money.
  4. Order smaller postcards. At One Step Services, we have a lot of different postcard sizes. If you need to trim your budget, consider going with a smaller postcard, especially for mailers who’s main job is to simply build brand awareness and trust. For example, perhaps you go with an 8.5×5.5 postcard for your mailings about community events and testimonials, but go back to your 10.5×5.5 for your Just Listed card so that you draw extra attention to it.

Don’t let a tight budget keep you from doing your marketing. The more you put your name out there, the more business you’ll get. Call our friendly customer service reps at 949-587-5301 or email to discuss specific ways to cut costs on your next mailing.

Feb 07 2017

St Patricks Day Postcards and Time Change Postcards

Order Form

Download order form for March Content Ready Postcards

St Patricks Day Postcards

Use the luck of the Irish to help generate listings with these St Patricks Day themed direct mail postcards.

real estate marketing

St Pattys Day postcard

Time Change Postcards

Longer days are just around the corner. Because the date of the time change changes every year, most people really appreciate a reminder to set their clocks forward. These postcards are a simple way to touch base with your farm or social list and give them some information they’ll appreciate.

postcard marketing real estate postcards

Jan 17 2017

Valentine’s Marketing Postcards for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

Our Valentine’s postcards are a perfect way to show your contacts some love! We have two options, one is real estate focused and the other can be tailored to fit any business. Use the text we’ve provided or come up with your own.

Download the Valentines Day Postcards Order Form

Sweetheart Deal


Home Is Where The Heart Is



Need help staying consistent with your direct mail marketing? Create a mailing schedule with one of our customer service reps and they’ll email you reminders when it’s time to mail. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email

Nov 17 2016

Holiday Cards For Everyone On Your Nice List

The holidays are a perfect time to reach out to past clients, current clients, vendors and business partners with a personalized card. Our 5×7 vertical and horizontal folded cards are per

With beautiful designs, inspiring messages, and space for a personal note and signature, our 5×7 folded holiday cards are perfect for sending to old clients, current clients, vendors and business partners. Choose from vertical folded, or our special horizontal, 3/4 fold. Order envelopes and have us address and mail them out to make your life that much easier.

Download Folded Holiday Cards Order Form

5x7 christmas cards


Nov 17 2016

Holiday Postcards To Brighten Mailboxes This Season

Our clients have been asking for these since Halloween and they are finally here! The One Step creative team has designed 11 unique holiday postcards for real estate agents and small business owners. Choose one of our pre written messages, or create one of your own. Mail, walk and drop, or attach to gifts. These versatile postcards can be used for all of your holiday marketing/ gift giving/ messaging needs!

Order 200+ and we’ll waive the $12 production fee. Order 500+ and you’ll also receive 10% off printing costs.

Download Holiday Postcards Order Form

direct mail marketing small business holiday marketing small business small business postcard marketing holiday postcard marketing christmas postcard marketing christmas postcards holiday direct mail real estate christmas postcards holiday direct mail direct mail marketing holidays holiday postcards

Nov 01 2016

Tip Tuesdays: The Importance of Building Brand Trust

TTblogimage2Why do you do business with specific stores, people, and establishments? I bet you can come up with a long list of reasons- quality products, affordable prices, great customer service. All of these reasons can be summed up in one word: trust. You do business with people and establishments that you trust. It would stand to reason that your clients are the same way.

Building trust is an ongoing process. Not only do you build trust with potentials in order to encourage them to do business with you, but you must also continue to build trust with current and past clients. This way they’ll do repeat business with you and refer you to your friends.

This month’s Tip Tuesdays give you specific ways to build trust with potentials, clients and past clients. Have your own tips? Share them in the comments!

To build brand trust, focus on education more than a hard sell. Marketing today is all about educating the consumer. Don’t assume that just because there is so much information available on the internet, your audience already knows it. The opposite is true, there is so much out there people have a hard time filtering through and understanding it all. Become a resource that not only shares information but shows how it is relevant to specific audiences and situations.

To build brand trust, share content that is relevant and valuable to your clients and potentials. Take time to know what your clients and potentials need. Are you farming to a condo complex where owners are looking to upgrade to bigger houses? Are your customers young people interested in fashion? Are you trying to sell a product to cooks? By knowing what your audience needs, and wants, you can provide information they find useful and it will be easy to keep them coming back for more.

To build brand trust, your marketing must be truthful. Getting caught in even one lie can completely ruin your reputation. If you run into a situation where you think telling the truth will hurt your business, consult a marketing expert who can help you communicate a hard truth in a positive way.  

To build brand trust, you must expose your audience to your brand frequently and consistently. People trust the familiar, so when your brand becomes familiar, you’ll start to gain trust. Consistently mail, email, blog, post to social media, advertise, attend events and do whatever you can to get your audience’s eyeballs on your brand.

To build brand trust, you must engage with your audience. We’ve got some great ideas for you on our marketing blog. The key thing to remember is that marketing is not a one way street. Yes you need to deliver messages, but you also need to listen to your audience and respond.

Do you need a personal business brand created or updated? Already have a brand but need help incorporating it into your marketing? Call our Director of Client Relations, Valerie, and set up a free consultation appointment to go over your branding needs.

Oct 04 2016

Tip Tuesdays: Simple Ways to Engage Your Audience

marketing tipsEngagement refers to interactions between your clients (or potential clients) and your business. When a client talks to an employee, likes a social media post, signs up for an email newsletter, participates in a contest, buys a product, or leaves a review, she is engaging with your brand.

Engagement is vital for brand survival. People who are just learning about your brand will simply be observers for a while, which is good, but eventually you need them to engage. That’s when sales happen and when referrals are made. Below are some simple ways to engage your audience through different marketing channels:

  1. Engage in person. Ask questions to get to know your audience. If you’re a real estate agent, skip a mailing and instead walk your postcards, knock on doors, and talk to your neighbors. If you own a store, talk to customers as they come in and browse.
  2. Engage through mail. Host a contest that requires action, like mailing in an entry form or submitting a coloring page. Many people jump at the chance to win something. Not only do you get engagement, you get additional information about people that you can use to improve marketing.
  3. Engage online. Ask people to comment on or share the content you post. You’d be surprised how many people will engage simply because they are asked. You can also ask questions on social media to get to know your audience better.
  4. Engage through email. Send an email to your social list with a survey about their experience working with you. This will give you valuable feedback as to what you are doing right and what you can improve on. Make sure you thank your audience for taking the survey (not for giving you good marks) with a discount or something similar and keep them updated on changes that you make based on their recommendations.
Aug 02 2016

Tip Tuesdays: Blogging Topics for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

writing on notebookBlogging is hard work, particularly if you don’t fancy yourself a writer. But when talking with real estate agents and small business owners, the biggest obstacle isn’t writing talent. It’s usually the fact that they don’t know what to write about. Below are five ideas for generating blog content. Some of them, like #2, can be done in 30 minutes. While #4 will probably take a bit longer. But if you blog once a week, rotating through these ideas, you’ll always have something to say.

Tell the story of a specific problem one of your clients had and how you solved it. In my opinion, this is the best way to create blog content. Take some time to sit down and list all the times that you have helped a client. Then, star all of the stories that were particularly unique or had a compelling backstory. Those are your blog articles. If you can back them up with client testimonials, even better.

Share a news article and give commentary on how it affects your clients and/or industry. The easiest way to do this is to customize your news feed (most sites that publish news articles allow for customization) to focus on the industry in which you work. If you check these sites regularly, you’ll probably see a good article at least once a week. Type of a short summary of the article (with a link to the original) and your thoughts on the matter and viola, relevant blog article complete.

If you have recently attended a training event, write an article about something you learned. ‪Instead of simply regurgitating what was said at the event, add your own take. Why did something in particular stick out to you? Have you used the advice given at the training? How did that work out? Was there something said that you didn’t agree with? Why?

Invite a colleague to a friendly debate. Choose an industry topic, and each of you write an article taking a different side. While this idea can create a very interesting and engaging blog post, it can also create a lot of problems if not done properly. First, make sure the topic is relevant to your readers and to your industry. No need for real estate agents to host a debate on Common Core. Second, make sure you and your colleague adhere to an agreed upon code of ethics. For example, no name calling, cite your sources, differentiate between opinions and facts, etc. Third, don’t bog things down with a bunch of industry jargon. Remember, the point is to educate your clients, aka non professionals, rather than to show off.

Create a list of questions frequently asked by your clients. Make the questions and answers into a blog post. Every few months, I’ll go to customer service and ask them “What questions are people asking you on a regular basis?” They’ll tell me, and then I’ll do a little blog write up with those questions and the answers to them. It is very simple, but highly effective. Chances are, there are more people out there with those same questions who would read, and appreciate, an article that gave them answers.

Want more people to read your blog? Contact One Step Marketing Services and we can create a postcard that drives traffic to your blog and/or website.

Jul 21 2016

Why Use An Email Marketing Agency

direct mailAt One Step Services, we use email marketing to promote our products and services. Typically, the job of creating and sending those emails belongs to me, the Communication Strategist. I consider myself a decent email marketer. I’ve read articles, I pay attention to the send reports, I keep our lists clean and organized. Plus, I have a great software program, iContact, to help me stay on top of everything. When it comes to keeping our current client base informed, my efforts do the job.

However, I recently learned that I’m not very good at converting leads. We had a list of warm leads and I was so excited to get an email out to them and watch the phone ring. But that didn’t happen, not even once. I got ZERO response on that first email.

So, I decided to bring in a professional and turned to the team at MAB Digital Marketing. I’ve been in marketing long enough to know that there is a lot of psychology that  goes into it. What I didn’t know, is that the psychological “rules” that apply to print marketing don’t necessarily apply to email marketing. So while the email I sent out would have made a great printed piece, it wasn’t so good for email. The guys at MAB made a more minimalist design, reworded my calls to action, swapped out graphics and changed the placement of buttons. The email certainly looked better, but I was still a little doubtful.

MAB set it up so that I got a notification anytime somebody clicked on a button in the email. The day the email was sent out, I got 6 notifications in the first hour. The notifications kept popping up, and at the end of 24 hours we had had 70 clicks off a 2500 list, which is very impressive. The sales team was then able to follow up with those leads.

While I still use iContact and my own expertise to send emails to those who are already our clients, I leave conversion campaigns to the professionals. If you have been using email marketing for a while and haven’t gotten the results you want, or if you are new to email marketing and don’t know where to start, I encourage you to contact MAB. Like One Step, they thrive on custom jobs. They’ll sit down with you to discuss your specific needs and goals, and create a plan to meet those needs and goals. Plus, they’ll work with us to get all your branding files and print marketing content so that your email marketing corresponds with your print. Visit their website for more info. 

Jul 18 2016

Real Estate Marketing Postcards: Back To School Series

It’s hard to believe, but Back To School Season is already upon us. And although your marketing audience may be busy with shopping and last minute vacations, we have a series of postcards that will grab their attention, expose them to your brand and give them valuable information.

Back To School Time

Order this card by downloading the Back To School Time Order Form. Order by August 26 and receive 10% off printing

Remind your audience exactly when the first day of school is with these customizable direct mail postcards. Simply indicate the area, school district and first day of school date on your order form, and we’ll put that information on the postcard. This postcard also tells your audience that you’re a neighborhood specialist who can help them buy and sell a home.

Back To School postcards

Back to School Apps

To order this card, download Back To School Apps and ABCs of Real Estate OrderForm and email to or fax it to 949 452 0381. Order by August 29th and receive 10% off printing costs.

If you’ve been sending a lot of real estate centered postcards recently, consider sending this useful information postcard that discusses helpful back to school apps. Even people who aren’t remotely interested in selling their home will find this postcard interesting and when they take the time to read it, they’ll learn your name and your brand.


Selling Your Home? It’s as easy as ABC

To order this card, download Back To School Apps and ABCs of Real Estate OrderForm and email to or fax it to 949 452 0381. Order by August 29th and receive 10% off printing costs.

This lead generation postcard has a bright back to school theme and give specific information for those thinking about selling their home. The call to action, along with your photo and contact information on the back, are sure to get your phone ringing.


Good Cause Marketing