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Oct 15 2018

12 Weeks of Holiday Social Media Posts

To get started:

1. Click below to download all 12 social media images. Save them to your computer.

Social Media Images 2018

2. Click the link below to download all 13 social media text posts.

Social Media Weekly Schedule

3. Copy the text and paste into your social media profile. Attach the corresponding photo. Post!

If you’ve found this page, it means you are a client of One Step Services and we are so THANKFUL for your business. It is truly an honor to be trusted with your marketing strategy and we have loved being a part of your business growth journey in 2018.

As a token of our gratitude, the One Step Team has an exclusive gift for our clients. The gift is a set of 12 social media posts, with text and pictures, fully created and ready for you to download and post on all your social media channels.

Many of these posts are holiday themed, so download and start using them today! If you’d like any of these converted into postcards that you can mail to your farm or social list, let us know.

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