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Jan 23 2014

January Price Increase

As you start to make and implement plans for your 2014 marketing, we want to make you aware of a few price increases that will be taking effect today,  Monday January 27th.

The United States Postal Service is increasing postage rates. First class stamps are now 49 cents and postcards are 34 cents. Standard/Bulk mail rates are increasing as a varying percentage in every category based on size and automation capability. We have also received significant pricing increases from nearly every paper, ink and equip8ment supplier over the past three years, and that, coupled with the increased cost of doing business with employee, insurance and service vendor rate increases, will also necessitate a modest and minimal price adjustment in some of our products and services.

Our rate changes are as follows:

  • Mailed pieces will increase 4 cents per piece
  • Printed pieces that are not mailed will increase 2 cents per piece
  • Design charge for a mailing and/or template production piece is $12
  • Design charge for 1-sided property flyers is $15
  • Design charge for 2 sided property flyers is $18
  • Custom designed 11×17 flyer is $65/flat rate
  • Custom graphic design work is $65/hour

We appreciate your business and reliance on the personalized service and high quality products you have come to expect from One Step Services. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 949-587-5301 or email


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