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How To Create A Marketing Content Calendar

how to create a marketing content calendar

Have you ever created a marketing content calendar? Its an incredibly useful tool that makes it easier for you to execute marketing on a regular basis. It prevents that dreaded moment when you sit down at your computer and ask “what in the world do I market this week?” Its particularly useful for social media marketing, email marketing and direct mail marketing.

If you are new to content calendar making, I recommend starting with just a month. Its the middle of April now, so sit down to create a calendar for May. As you practice, you may start to create calendars for each quarter, and eventually, the entire year.

First, lets start with the Big Idea. What is going to drive your marketing for that month? Are you going to focus on a particular product or service? Is there an event happening that you want to promote? Schedule your Big Idea marketing promotions throughout the the month.

Second, we look at the Anchors. These are immovable things on the calendar that will affect your marketing. Holidays are a great example of this. If your business is planning to have a Memorial Day sale, that is an immovable event that you need to plan your marketing around. In some cases, these anchors are going to directly tied to your Big Idea. But they don’t have to be.

Third, we put in The Regulars. These are things that you do at the same time every week or month. Here at One Step, I post a Motivational Quote every Monday, and every Thursday I promote a different postcard product. You may have just one type of regular post, or you may 5! Its up to you and how much you want to post.

Lastly, we apply the Gap Fillers. Let’s assume you plan to post 3 times a week. But as you look at your calendar, you realize one week only has 2 posts scheduled. You need a third post! Go back to your Big Idea and create a post to fill the gap. Don’t have any gaps? Great! You’re all done.

I realize creating a content calendar may seem daunting at first, but just like everything else, the more you practice, the easier it gets! I recently created a content calendar for a group of frozen yogurt shop owners. I’ve shared it below. Regardless of your industry, take a look at the calendar for some inspiration. As always, if you need, schedule a consultation with me, Brianna, at

Sample Content Calendar

Week #1 

Post 1 – Flavor of the Week

  • Share a professionally shot promo photo  

Post 2 – Engagement  

  • Did you come in for a sweet treat today? We’d love to see it! Share a photo and tag us, and you’ll be entered to win a free 4oz yogurt on your next visit! 

Post 3 – Promo 

  • Buy One Get One Free. It’s BOGO day! Tag a friend you love to eat froyo with, then come in for buy one, get one free on 4oz servings. 

Week #2 

Post 1 – Flavor of the Week

  • Post a photo of a customer holding a cup of that flavor. Have the customer share why they love that flavor.

Post 2 – Engagement  

  • What is your all time favorite topping? Share in the comments below. One lucky commentator will win a free topping on their next visit. 

Post 3 – Promo 

  • Free Topping! We’ve got an exclusive offer for our social media followers only! Show us that you follow us and receive a free topping of your choice! 

Post 4 – Mother’s Day

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Every mom deserves a treat today. The first 10 moms that come in today get a free frozen yogurt!

Week #3

Post 1 – Flavor of the Week

  • Post a photo of an employee holding a cup of that flavor. Have the employee share why they love that flavor.

Post 2 – Engagement  

  • Cup vs Cone! Our staff has some strong opinions about the best holding device for frozen yogurt. Which team are you on? 

Post 3 – Promo 

  • Double Stamp Day. Purchase any size frozen yogurt and get double stamps on your rewards card.  

Week #4

Post 1 – Flavor of the Week

  • Share a photo of the flavor that you take yourself.

Post 2 – Engagement  

  • When is your favorite time to enjoy a cup of froyo? For lunch? After dinner? Post workout? Let us know in the comments below. 

Post 3 – Promo  

  • Free Featured Flavor. Today only, we are offering free 4oz cups of our flavor of the week. The only trick is, you have to correctly guess what the flavor is! Do you remember from our posts earlier this week??? 

Post 4 – Memorial Day

  • Words can never express our gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow citizens. Thank you today and always. Happy Memorial Day.
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