Want to increase your marketing reach by converting your direct mail into email? One Step Services is offering an email marketing service to our clients. This service is ideal for clients who are using our direct mail services and want to convert those mailings to emails.

Let's Talk About Your Email Needs
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Our Email Service Includes:

We'll work with you every step of the way whether you are seasoned email sendor or brand new to email marketing.

List Management

We'll review and import your contact list into your Mail Chimp or Constant Contact account. Don't have one? No problem we will help you set up your own account.

Template Design

We'll create an up-to-standards email template inside your MailChimp or Constant Contact account.

Create and Deliver

Using your template, we will create and send emails on your behalf based on a pre-approved schedule.

OSS Email Service Fees

We provide a cost-effective way to broaden your marketing reach.

Initial Setup


  • Creation of one template
  • Importing a list of 500 or less
  • Sending the first email

*You must have a paid MailChimp or Constant Contact account (separately)

Additional Emails


  • Must use template already created
  • Client must provide content (can be a mailed piece we created)


  • Additional Templates $150
  • Additional Contacts Imported (up to 500) $10
  • Content Creation $75 per hour

Have Email Services Questions?

We have your email services answers!

Yes. We cannot create templates in any other email service provider. You must have a PAID account with one of these companies that allows us to schedule emails.

Cost varies depending on how many contacts you have and how many features you want. You must have a PAID account that allows us to schedule emails and that accommodates the amount of contacts on your list.

Initial set up is $150. Once we have a template created, it is $75 to convert a mailer into an email and send. If you want to convert a mailer that doesn’t use the email template we created, it will be $150 to create a new template.

Yes. We can create emails for you without a direct mail piece.

We can send emails up to twice a week for you. Please note, you’ll have to make sure you have a MailChimp or Constant Contact account that can accommodate that many emails.

Think of template creation as the structure, or the house. When we create a template, we design a layout and determine what information goes where. Content creation is everything that goes in the template, think of it as the furniture in the house.

No. We will use your same branding, including your logos and colors. But we may have to use different fonts, and there are several design features that work only in print and not in email.

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