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How To Keep Marketing in Chaos

For the past two years, our number one goal at One Step has been to help you continue marketing despite unpredictable obstacles and circumstances. Not because we think the world needs more marketing slogans, but because we know that behind those slogans are goods and services that people really need, jobs that people need, and social initiatives that people need.

The question we continue asking is: how do we keep the campaigns going in the midst of chaos? 

We don’t have all the answers, and who knows what curveballs 2022 is going to throw at us, but here’s what we’ve learned so far. We think keeping these lessons in mind will help immensely as you dive into 2022. 

What marketing campaigns are going to be the most important over the next 2-3 months? Are there specific messages that must be delivered? Are there specific audiences that must be touched? Are there certain channels that must be used? Create a master list of campaigns and which ones are A priority, B priority, and C priority. Reference this list frequently as you adapt so that you know what to let go and what to fight for. 

Be very clear with your vendors about what you need, and when you need it. Share your priority list and let your vendors know what is most important to you, and what can easily be adapted. Continue to communicate about status updates, sudden changes, etc. 

Be Flexible
Even with a clear priority list in hand, you may not be able to execute strategies exactly as planned. When you communicate your priorities with your vendor, they should be communicating back capabilities. Your plan will absolutely have to change. In order to successfully execute a campaign, you’re going to have to be flexible, make compromises and adapt to change. 

Order Early 
This cannot be stressed enough, EVERYTHING is taking much LONGER than normal. Plan to order early, and then order earlier than your plan. 

Okay, but how early is early? For a simple postcard mailing, you should order about 1 week before you want the post to mail. And, if you are using standard marketing mail, you should mail about 7-10 days before you want the piece the land (First Class is 2-3 days). Have a different project? Talk to our customer service reps about turn times for different products so you know when to get started.   

Use Multiple Tools 
The exciting thing about this time is that it is an opportunity to get creative and use different tools and strategies you may not have used before. In the past year and a half I have discovered new apps, like Loom and, that have dramatically changed the way I work for the better! I’ve also dived deeper into apps we previously used and discovered new features that make life easier for the designers and I. 

A Case Study 
We recently did event programs for a nonprofit fundraiser. The client was very communicative and upfront with their product needs and timeline. We were also upfront with our capabilities and turn times. During this initial planning process, we went through all collateral and determined we would need print and digital solutions. We printed a short run of their 28 page booklet, which they gave to donors and sponsors. We also put a digital version on Issuu and printed simple 5×7 place cards with a QR code to the digital program. Invitations were also done digitally, with a short run printed to give to sponsors. 

By prioritizing, communicating and compromising, we were able to give the client exactly what they needed to run a successful fundraiser that raised money for crucial services for differently abled adults. 

What marketing campaigns are important to you and your business, your clients and your community? How can we help you execute those campaigns as effectively and efficiently as possible? Call us at 949-587-5301 or email