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2021 Holiday Marketing Calendar

holiday marketing calendar for real estate agents

During the holidays, it’s easy to switch your focus from work and marketing to more fun and festive activities. To be sure, the holidays are a time to relax and focus more on fun, family and friends, but your business needs to keep running as well! We created this simple Holiday Marketing Calendar to make it easy for you to continue with your marketing and still have plenty of time for fun. 

We actually think most of these marketing are super fun, so you don’t need to sacrifice the holiday spirit to keep the business going! 

Week #1 November 1-7

  • Social Media – Post a reminder about daylight savings.  
  • Email Marketing – Send a market update and let people know the market is still going strong during the holiday season. 
  • Direct Mail – Time to order your Thanksgiving cards from One Step!  
  • Text Message – Reach out to clients that you worked with in 2021. Thank them for their business and ask for referrals. 
  • Community Engagement –  Time to order your client and vendor gifts! Not sure what to get? Check out our list of recommended client gifts! 

Week #2 November 8-14

  • Social Media – Do a video Q&A. It can either be live or pre recorded. Answer questions unique to the holiday season. 
  • Email Marketing – Send a holiday schedule of events in your area.
  • Direct Mail – Send a postcard explaining the benefits of selling a home during the holidays. We’ve got one all done for you, just ask! 
  • Text Message – Reach out to 5-10 past clients. Remind them that their equity has increased and ask if you can send them a free home valuation. 
  • Community Engagement – Buy local. Do your holiday shopping with local vendors that you find at farmers markets, craft fairs or on social media. Help them out further by promoting their products on your social media. 

Week #3 November 15-21

  • Social Media – Share your favorite holiday traditions and ask your audience about their traditions.
  • Email Marketing – 
  • Direct Mail – Time to order your Holiday Cards from One Step! Get the artwork approved this week so we are ready to mail right after Thanksgiving. 
  • Text Message – Do you have any clients celebrating a move in anniversary this month? If so, reach out and congratulate them and ask for referrals. 
  • Community Engagement – 

Week #4 November 22-28 THANKSGIVING WEEK

  • Social Media – Share interesting facts about the Thanksgiving holiday. This article has some great info
  • Email Marketing – Send your list a heartfelt Thanksgiving message. This would be a great time to show a more personal side with photo of you on vacation, with family, doing a hobby, with your pet, etc! 

Week #5 November 29-December 5

  • Social Media – Giving Tuesday is November 30 and your favorite non profits will probably be doing some heavy fundraising. Help them out by reposting their fundraising requests and goals. 
  • Email Marketing/Text Message – Reach out to your farm and let them know that you have buyers looking in their neighborhood. 
  • Direct Mail – Switch it up. Make this piece look different than your normal mailing pieces. Make the piece bigger, print it on different paper, choose Do a bigger piece, or a card on nicer paper with an expensive finish. Or do an envelope mailing instead of a postcard. 
  • Community Engagement – Set up a hot chocolate stand. This is especially effective in neighborhoods where visitors come to see holiday light displays. Buy branded cups, or put logo stickers on plain cups, to help spread the word about your business.  

Week #6 December 6-12

  • Social Media – Host a “Random Acts of Kindness” challenge. Get ideas and resources at
  • Email Marketing / Direct Mail / Text Message – Send a link to the CAR real estate market forecast for 2022.  If you’re sending a postcard, we’ve got one on this topic already done for you, just ask!
  • Community Engagement – Support community helpers. Drop off a tray of cookies at the local fire station. Leave a basket of muffins for teachers at the local school. Or send lunch to the nursing staff at your doctor’s office. Be sure to include a thank you note! 

Week #7 December 13-19

  • Social Media –  Share a client testimonial, either written out or recorded on video.
  • Email Marketing / Text Message – Reach out to your contacts with an offer to help if anyone is struggling and in need of community resources. 
  • Direct Mail – Create a year end recap of your total sales. Include a couple testimonials, as well as your thoughts on the market in 2022. If you have homes still in escrow, you may want to wait until January to actually mail the piece so that you can include those last few December sales.  
  • Community Engagement – Go Christmas caroling. Get a group of coworkers and/or community members together for a night of holiday music! You can go caroling around a specific neighborhood, or ask a local senior home if you can sing for residents.

One Step Services is a print and direct mail marketing company. We design, print and mail many of the strategies you see on this calendar! We can also create graphics to go with your social media and email posts. Just let us know what you for your holiday marketing campaigns! Email or call us at 949-587-5301.