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25 Unique Client Gift Ideas

Holiday gifts are a great way to show appreciation to your clients. These 25 truly unique client gifts are sure to make a positive impression and be the talk of the office for months after the bows come off.  

10 Tested Gifts

Here are 10 gifts we have given to clients over the years and they’ve all been a huge hit! These are reasonably priced and many can be bought in bulk and given to multiple clients.  

  • A giant fortune cookie with a customized fortune from Fancy Fortune Cookies.
  • Champagne gummy bears from Sugarfina.
  • Customized desktop notepads and notepad holders from One Step Services.
  • Decision paperweight from Uncommon Goods .
  • Branded reusable grocery bags from One Step.
  • Pumpkin Pie and can of whipped cream, packaged with cute paper plates, napkins and forks. Hand delivered to clients.  
  • Gift basket from Harry and David.
  • A donation in honor of your clients. One year natural disasters devastated our local community, so we donated our gift money to local and national charities and sent our clients personalized cards explaining our decisions and thanking them for their business. 
  • A  candy bar or gift card bouquet. Check out these Pinterest Ideas.
  • Large poinsettia plant to decorate their office. Any large, office friendly plant would work great. 

5 High End and Highly Personalized Gifts

Below are 5 gifts that are a more expensive and highly personalized. These are perfect as gifts for one specific client or vendor.

10 Fun Gifts

Here are some ideas we haven’t tried yet, but they sound like gifts we would love to give or receive! 

  • Personalized golf balls from
  • Humans of New York coffee table book from Amazon
  • A subscription of coffee samples through Bean Box 
  • Custom decorated cookies made to look like the client’s logo, popular products, etc.
  • Some sort of food truck that surprisingly pulls into a client’s parking lot and gives free treats for all!  
  • A Boogie Bot from Garrett Specialties
  • Customized, super comfy socks. 
  • A virtual assistant from Fancy Hands
  • Magazine subscription. 
  • Uber/Lyft gift credit.