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Should you be worried about mail delivery delays?

NO! While we are experiencing mail delivery delays due to the pandemic, natural disasters and election/holiday season, these delays are not negatively impacting our clients marketing efforts.

On average, we are seeing delays of about 4 days. While most locally delivered standard/bulk pieces used to deliver in 3-5 days, the average in September was 4-9 days. However, for most pieces, this slight delay does not negate their impact or make them irrelevant.

Our clients who do have time sensitive pieces often choose to send them First Class. First Class mail does not typically experience any delays and is usually delivered in 1-3 days.

It is important to note that at any time, USPS estimates a 2 week delivery window for standard/bulk mail. While we rarely see pieces take that long, you should always be prepared for that possibility.

We mailed 175 different orders for standard/bulk mail in the month of September. As you can see, most pieces were delivered 4-9 days after mailing. This is well within the 2 week window given by USPS. Out of 175 orders, only 4 were delivered outside of the standard 2 week window.

How can I make my mailers most effective?

Although mail has gotten a lot of negative press lately, it is still an effective and important marketing channel. If you are direct mail marketer, now is a great time to review your strategy and make sure you are using best practices to optimize effectiveness.