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4 Reasons Your Competitors Are Using Direct Mail – And Why You Should To.

It’s the beginning of the year, and phones and emails at One Step are flooded with messages from real estate agents wanting to start a direct mail marketing campaign. Some of these agents have done direct mail before and they want to resume. Others are starting this strategy for the first time. So, what’s got everyone so excited about doing direct mail in 2021? 

They want to expand their reputation to expand their business.

Real Estate is a business based on trust, reputation and referrals. Many agents build their business SOLELY on referrals. But typically, there comes a point in an agent’s career when they want to do more and sell more. They want to go beyond their circle of referrals. They use direct mail and geographic farming to introduce themselves to new markets and establish themselves in that area as trusted experts. 

They want to advertise to a highly specific target audience.

The technology to pull extremely detailed and targeted mail lists is constantly improving. Many title companies are now able to pull “next to sell” lists that give agents a list of homeowners that are most likely to sell in the upcoming year, based on several different factors. 

This ability to send highly targeted mailings improves the ROI and effectiveness of direct mail, making it an essential marketing channel. 

They’ve seen the success in others and want that success for themselves.

Direct mail is effective. Many of our clients that mail consistently are selling millions of dollars worth of homes every year. Other real estate agents see that the strategy is effective and want to implement it themselves. 

Their audience is captive.

Many counties and states are still under some level of stay at home order due to the pandemic. People are home more than ever and checking their mail more regularly. On top of this, many people stuck in their homes want to move to different homes. The combination of captive attention and growing demand makes this a perfect time to start direct mail. 

Ready to get started?

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