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5 More Ways To Save on Direct Mail Marketing

Did you read our last blog post, 5 Ways to Save on Direct Mail? We got such great feedback on it, we decided to add to the list! If direct mail is working for your business and you want to keep going, but you need to trim costs to improve your bottom line, try one of these strategies.

Clean your list. Make sure all of the addresses on your list are valid. At One Step, we can help you with list management by deleting duplicate and invalid addresses. We also add “or current resident” to each piece so that it gets delivered even if the named recipient has moved.

Track your responses. Track who and how many respond to each direct mail piece. This will tell you what messages work, and what doesn’t, so you don’t waste money on ineffective messaging.

Choose a combined print and mail house. Or better yet, a combined design, print and mail house like One Step! When you do your entire project with us, you can potentially save a lot of money. Our design fees on printed pieces are lower than industry average. We are also able to print addresses directly onto your mailing pieces, which saves you the cost of having them printed twice (once for design, once for addressing).

Post your mailer digitally. Reusing the same content over multiple channels saves you time and money. When your mailer is done, ask us for a digital copy that you can share via email and social media. Get more bang for your marketing buck and increase brand awareness, engagement and sales.

Stay consistent. The most effective marketing is consistent marketing. One off direct mail campaigns are almost always a waste of money. So decide how much you can spend in a year, and divide it by all 12 months. Then, create a direct mail campaign that fits your monthly budget and stick to it. Maybe that’s 2000 homes once a month. Maybe its 10000 homes twice a month. Invest in consistent marketing stops the wastefulness of sporadic shot in the dark efforts that yield very few results.

Which of these strategies will be best for your business? Give us a call for a free consultation at 949-587-5301 or email