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6 Apps to Increase Your Productivity in 2022

6 apps to increase your productivity in 2022

Because of remote work and the never ending balancing act of work and home life, I have been on a year long hunt for apps that improve my productivity and improve communication between teammates. I have found quite a few that have dramatically improved my communication and workflows and I thought I’d share with you! (P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely love all these apps and use them regularly!) 


Loom was a lifesaver when we transitioned to remote work in 2020, and it continues to be something I use daily to communicate with clients and coworkers. With Loom, you are able to video yourself and your screen at the same time. The video instantly uploads and creates a link that you can share with anyone (even those who don’t have Loom). There is a free version which I highly recommend trying! is a spreadsheet on steroids! I use it as a content planner, where I list all pieces of content that need to be created for the month, when it is due and who owns it. I love the easy user interface, particularly the ability to drag and drop line items to different areas. I recently started using their automations feature which cuts down the time it takes me to do repeated tasks every month. There is not a free version of this app, but you can do a two week trial before you commit. 

The ZOHO Suite

We started using the ZOHO CRM back in 2013, and shortly after we added their accounting app, ZOHO Books. When the pandemic hit, we implemented the ZOHO instant messaging app to improve team communication. We love having everything integrated in one place, we can easily see our instant messages inside the CRM and Books. 

Strict Workflow

This completely free Chrome extension that helps with time management and reducing distractions. Set the timer, and for 25 minutes Chrome will block sites you’ve deemed as distractions. Once the timer goes off, you get a 5 minute break. Then set it again! 

Awesome Screenshot

Another free Chrome extension. It allows you to easily take a screenshot, mark it up with notes and save a jpeg or pdf. Helps clarify communications between staff and with clients. 


I have been using Workflowy for years, but this year they have added some really cool features that have upped the game. I like the minimalist approach Workflowy takes, it’s essentially just a place to create many bulleted lists. You can organize lists inside of each other, for example, I always have a master list for the week with sub lists regarding certain categories of work. One of the new features is that you can tag items, which has been very helpful in prioritizing. Workflowy is online based so you can access it anywhere, and their free version is perfectly adequate for a single user (for a team, you may need to upgrade) 

Which new app should we try next! Share in the comments below, or email your suggestions to us at