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8 Strategies to Help You Create More Relevant Content

make it more relevant

Do you find yourself consistently putting out content but getting very little response? Are you tired of writing blog articles no one reads and creating videos no one watches? 

There are many reasons why content doesn’t get the views you want and some of them are beyond your control (looking at you, Meta Algorithm). BUT, there are also reasons that you can control.

Irrelevant content is probably one of the number one reasons content doesn’t get the engagement marketers and business owners want. If what your posting is not helpful, interesting, entertaining or educational to your target audience, then they are going to ignore it. 

So…how do you make more relevant content?

It starts with getting to know your audience better. When you know your audience, you know their likes and interests and you can create content around those topics (assuming it is also relevant to your business, of course!) You will also learn what problems they are facing, which allows you to create content that solves those problems. 

And here are 8 practical things you can get to know your audience better: 

  1. Conduct a survey. You can easily do this with apps like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. Make the survey short and easy, this is not the time for in depth research (that’s what a focus group is for). You may also want to consider a small incentive to get people to fill it out. 
  2. Follow your clients on social media. If you know your clients names, go find them on social media. Follow back accounts that follow you. Use hashtags to connect with groups of people you want to target. 
  3. Ask and record questions during client onboarding. Why have these clients come to you? What are they hoping you can do for them? Refer back to this when creating content. 
  4. Write case studies after the completion of big projects. The case studies themselves make excellent marketing content, but they will also help you see recurring patterns amongst your clients and learn more about why they chose you. 
  5. Run A/B email tests and see which one gets a better response from your audience. 
  6. Go to the U.S. Census Bureau for information about your key demographic. You can get information about where they live, their age, employment status, marital status, etc. 
  7. Learn from your industry trade association. Many trade associations regularly publish easy to understand data about the industry’s ideal customers. Reading trade publications, joining groups on LinkedIn, and going to tradeshows and networking events can give you valuable information about your customers. 
  8. Look at your social media follower stats. What age are your social media followers? When are they most active on that channel? Where do they live? You can learn all of this for free from looking at your social media analytics, and it can give you great insight into your audience.

Need some help with the actual content? Once you know what types of things will interest your audience, let us help you actually create the mailers, emails, social media posts, ads and whatever else you need! We offer graphic design, copy writing, print and mail services. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email