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25 Content Ideas for Non Profits

Turn these stories into emails, blog posts, Instagram Reels, TikToks, social media posts, direct mail pieces, etc. We’ve broken them up into general categories with specific prompts under each one. 


In depth interviews with various people in your organization will help your followers make a personal connection with the organization, building trust making it more likely that they engage with the organization now or in the future. 

  • Talk with the newest volunteer in your organization
  • Talk with the volunteer who has been with your organization the longest
  • Talk with the Director, CEO or President. 
  • Talk with someone who is a regular patron of your organization 
  • Talk with someone who has benefitted from the services of your organization

Behind the Scenes 

People love to know what goes on in the everyday life of an organization. What seems mundane to you is exciting to others. Here are some ideas: 

  • Ask a staff member or volunteer if you can follow them with a camera for the day and do a “Day In The Life” segment. 
  • Share a tool that has greatly improved your organization. This could be an app, a piece of software, a kitchen utensil, an office supply item, a piece of equipment, anything like that! 
  • Come up with a question, silly or serious, and ask members of your organization to answer it. Record their answers and share in a video or a text post. 
  • Show your hands at work. This works especially well for videos. Shoot yourself or a team member creating care packages, setting up for an event, preparing a meal, things like that! 
  • Ask me anything! This is very popular on social media, particularly Instagram. Give followers the chance to ask you 

Past, present, future

Many people find stories of an organization’s past and founding very interesting. When you tie these stories to your present mission and your future goals, people are able to see the big picture and often want to become, or remain, engaged with the organization. 

  • Talk to as many people as you can that were part of the organization when it first started. Ask them to share their experience, everything from funny anecdotes, to hard lessons learned, to life changing moments.
  • Talk to people new to the organization. Ask them about their hopes for the organizations future. 
  • Share old photos! The older the better. 
  • Then and now! Pick one person, place or thing and do a side by side comparison of the past and the present. 
  • Time capsule. It can be real or hypothetical, but ask members of your organizations to fill the time capsule and explain why they choose the items they did. 

Those You Serve 

In addition to talking about your organization, it is equally important you share about those that you serve, be it people, animals, nature, places, etc. About half your content should be focused specifically on those you are trying to help.

  • Ask them to share their story. Their background, how they came to be involved with the organization and how that involvement has helped them.
  • Ask them to share something about them that is often misunderstood, or something that people often assume about them that is wrong. This helps your audience, donors and patrons better understand how to serve. 
  • Ask them to educate your audience. If your organization works with patients who have Cystic Fibrosis, ask a patient to explain what Cystic Fibrosis is and how it affects them. This can be communicated in a variety of ways, have fun creating a unique presentation with those you serve! 
  • Have those you serve host a “Day in the Life” or an “Ask Me Anything” segment on social media
  • Spotlight the accomplishments, victories and success stories of those you serve. 

What Do You Need?

While you don’t want all your posts to be asking for things, there is definitely a time and a place to ask for what you need! Don’t be afraid to mix some of these in with your other posts. 

  • Share specific job openings or volunteer opportunities
  • Share your need for specific items. Sometimes people prefer to donate items as opposed to money. Set up an Amazon wishlist to make it easy for people. 
  • Share a specific fundraising goal and people multiple ways to donate. The key here is to be specific about your goal, and regularly keep people updated on your progress.
  • Do a fundraising challenge. Ask your followers to hit a specific goal, and then do a silly dance or social media challenge when they hit that goal. For example, if they raise $1,000 in a day, the CEO lets you pie her in the face! 
  • Let your followers help the organization make a decision. Maybe you need to name the office mascot, or you need to decide on an accent color for the new brand. Let followers vote or give their opinion. 

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