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Are you posting unsafe personal details online?

Social Media Posts

Our lives are lived online. We post the mundane details and the life changing events. But, there is such a thing as oversharing, particularly on your business page. Posting certain things could jeopardize the safety of you and your family, unnecessarily upset a lot of followers, or detract from your main brand message. Here are a couple tips on what you should keep off your business social pages. 

  • Personal details. Things like your specific date of birth, where you live, the fact that you eat at the same breakfast spot every Thursday, should all be kept OFF of your business page. You don’t know who is monitoring your activity and may want to use that information to harm you and your family. 
  • Personal details about children. There are a variety of reasons why information and photos of children should be kept off of public social media profiles as much as possible. Specifically, avoid posting where children go to school, what sports organizations they are apart of, their birthdays, etc. These details help predators identify and target specific children. An occasional family photo is fine to share, but most posts about kids should be kept on a private social media profile.
  • Vacation details. Don’t post when you are going on vacation or where. If possible, avoid posting pictures until after you are back. Believe it or not, there are people who track when people go on vacation so they can rob them. 
  • Your net worth. Most people are not posting a specific number of their net worth. But all those pictures of your new car, new jewelry, kitchen remodel, vacations, etc speak volumes about what you’re worth. Again, robbery and identity theft are big concerns here. You don’t want to make yourself a target. 


  • Watch what others are posting about you on Facebook. This only applies to your personal FB profile, but you can set up filters so that nothing gets posted to your timeline without your consent. And on any social media channel, if someone posts to their profile something about you that makes you feel uncomfortable, ask them to take it down. 

Have you ever posted something to your business profile that you later regretted? Let us learn from your mistakes, share in the comments below.