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Real estate agents, do you know how to run a targeted direct mail campaign for your listing?

Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

Several of our real estate clients have great success with targeted mailings. These mailings target the houses surrounding their current listings. The idea is that if you sell a home, the easiest place to get another listing is in that same neighborhood. Neighbors talk and pay attention to real estate activity in their neighborhood, so if you do a good job on one house chances are other owners are going to hire you to sell theirs.

The key to a successful targeted mailing is frequency. Typically you are mailing to fewer houses than a farm, but you should be mailing more frequently. Mail once a week or once every other week from the time the house lists until Escrow closes for maximum impact. 

Here is a list of the most important postcards in a targeted mailing campaign.

  • Just Listed and/or In Escrow
  • Open House
  • Just Sold
  • Ready to sell? 

If you’d like to mail a few more times, either during the listing/escrow process or afterwards, here are a few more ideas:

  • Market Update
  • Testimonial from the sellers 
  • Biography or “About Me” 
  • Community info (event schedules, coupons to local businesses, etc) 
  • Meet your new neighbors 
  • I have buyers looking for a home like yours 

At One Step Services, we can create all of these postcards for you, as well as a mailing schedule so you don’t have to think about every individual mailing. Just place one order and we’ll take care of everything. Give us a call at 949-587-5301 or email