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Holiday Cards in January

This year, in anticipation of a busy December, I decided to send Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards. I used a cute pumpkin patch photo, added a special message about being thankful for each of our friends and family, and sent those babies out on Wednesday. 

It occurred to me that this strategy may work well for some of you real estate agents, business owners and non profit marketers. December is busy for everyone, so why not take one thing off your list and move it up to November, or back to January. If you find yourself too busy to send a Christmas card in December, but still want to send a personable holiday greeting, consider Thanksgiving or New Years instead. 

One lovely thing about Thanksgiving and New Years cards is that they can land in mailboxes anytime in November or January and still be relevant. Plus, during those months the post office is a little less hectic and will probably (hopefully) deliver these cards faster than in December.

Sending Thanksgiving or New Year’s postcards also frees up time in your December schedule and reduces stress. You type A planners can get the cards out early in November, and the more laid back marketers can put off the holiday greeting until January. 

Thanksgiving and New Year’s postcards are also great because their message is a little more universal. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Diwali. But nearly everyone in the US celebrates Thanksgiving and New Years. Your greeting will be relevant and appreciated by almost all recipients. 

Lastly, when you send a holiday greeting in November or January, it’s going to stand out a little bit more. I had several friends send me texts after receiving their Thanksgiving card, telling me they appreciated the message and loved the idea. That hardly ever happens when I send cards out in December. Your greeting is likely to have a bigger impact if you send it at a slightly different time than everyone else. 

It’s important that you take time during this season to reach out to your clients and send a personal message of gratitude and well wishes. But that doesn’t mean it has to be done in December. Check out our catalog of pre designed holiday cards that can be sent in November, December or January, or request a custom design today! Remember, we design, print and mail for you!