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How to run a text marketing campaign

Texting is a great way to send personalized, highly targeted marketing messages. There are several ways to run a successful SMS campaign, whether it’s manually or through automation. Today, we are discussing ways you can send SMS messages manually to one contact at a time. 

This method of SMS marketing is effective because it’s easy and cheap to execute, and grabs people’s attention better than almost any other medium. While it does take a bit of time, having a solid strategy in place will dramatically reduce time spent. 

So, let’s get crackin’ on that strategy! 

First, set a reasonable goal for yourself. How many texts can you manually send in one day? And how many days a week can you text? Once the goal is set, post it somewhere obvious as a reminder. Or better yet, set an alert on your phone. It’s also wise to determine an end date for this particular SMS marketing push. After the holidays, you’ll want to readjust your messaging and your strategy. 

Second, make a list of people you want to text. Will you be sending to people who already know you well, such as past clients, email subscribers, or neighbors? Or will you be sending to those who barely know you, such as referrals and leads? Determine your audience first, as that will determine your messaging.  

Third, decide on a message, or a set of messages. Having the same general message planned and written out will save you a lot of time and brain power. However, this is personalized texting, so you’ll want to tweak each message for each recipient. Be sure to include their name and throw in a detail or two (such as their neighborhood or how you know them)  that makes the message unique to them. 

Need help with the messaging? We have a list of 11 text messaging scripts all set to go for real estate agents. 

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