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Improve response rates of your next direct mail campaign

Are you looking to improve response rates on your direct mail marketing? Do you need to generate more leads, drive more traffic to your website, or get more people in the door? Direct mail can generate all these responses, and more. Here are some changes you can easily make to increase the effectiveness of your next campaign. 

Update your mailing list.
The MOST IMPORTANT part of a successful direct mail marketing campaign is making sure you have an accurate targeted list. We have gone into this in detail in a previous marketing blog post, but the three main points to remember are these:

  • Make sure addresses and names are correct so the piece can be delivered.
  • Make sure you know your audience and you are sending information that is relevant to a majority of them.
  • Make sure you have deleted the addresses of people who have made it clear they don’t want to receive your marketing.

Target your direct mail recipients on Facebook.
Did you know you could upload your mailing list to Facebook, and then run ads that target that specific audience? This is a great way to maximize message distribution and increase visibility with your audience. Here is an article from Facebook that explains the process a little bit more. This article from Social Media Examiner is also super helpful.

Track your responses.
There are a number of ways to do this. You can include a coupon code and track how many people use it online and in the store. You can drive traffic to a website or landing page with a QR code or Personalized URL (PURL). You could also set up a trackable phone number. Whatever you do, make sure it is unique to your direct mail campaign. If you send the same coupon code to your email list and your direct mail list, you won’t know which customers are responding to which piece of marketing.

Send something unique.
At One Step, we talk a lot about the importance of consistently sending pieces that look similar, same colors, same logo, similar layout. This is important to building trust and branding recognition. But every once in a while, it’s good to switch things up, and send something different from your usual mailings. Use this method strategically to draw attention to special news or events, or to increase engagement when you notice your numbers dip.

You still want to keep your branding consistent, but consider sending a different type of piece, like a bigger postcard or a letter mailing. Consider holding a drawing or some other type of contest to encourage responses. If you really want to go nuts, send some chunky mail, which is mail that includes a small item such as a magnet, pen, notepad, sticker, keychain, or other small item.

Need help setting up your next direct mail marketing campaign? We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, for real estate agents, nonprofits, and small businesses. Let us take your direct mail marketing to the next level. Email or call 949-587-5301.