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How to start a real estate direct mail marketing campaign

Whether you are a brand new agent using direct mail marketing for the first time, or an experienced veteran introducing yourself to a new geographical farm, deciding what to mail to a new audience can be daunting. 

To help ease your fears, we created a marketing plan that we call “The First Five.” Its a straight forward plan that tells you exactly which postcards to send and in what order. It can be adapted for any size list and any mailing schedule, and can be used by new or seasoned agents. Its a proven succesful strategy to get your real estate direct mail marketing campaign up and running.

Introduction/Bio – Introduce yourself! Tell people who you are and why they should pay attention to you. The focal point of this card should be your brand. If you don’t have a brand, play up your broker’s. And this is a rare occasion when we will encourage you to go big on the agent photo. If you aren’t sure what to write about yourself, here are some questions to get the ideas going. 

  • How long have you been in real estate? If you are brand new, tell people what career you were in before and how that prepared you for real estate.
  • Share your why. Why do you want to sell houses? Why do you want to sell houses in this community? 
  • Tell a little bit about your personal life. What are your hobbies? Do you have a family? Are you part of a charity board or religious organization? 

Market Update – Market updates are one of the most successful types of direct mail marketing for real estate agents. Homeowners love to see how much homes in their neighborhood are selling for, and these often spur conversations about what their own home is worth. 

Just Listed/Sold – If you don’t have your own listing yet, ask a fellow agent if you can partner with them on a listing. Or, ask your office manager if you can showcase a variety of recently sold properties done by a variety of agents in the office. You will, of course, have to give them credit. You can’t claim them as your own. But if you don’t have your own listings, the next best thing is to show that you are part of a team who does. 

Testimonial – Ideally, you would have worked with at least one buyer or seller at this point who could give you a good review. If not, consider a testimonial from your office manager or team leader about why they are excited to have you on board. Or, skip this postcard and send it out after your first deal closes.

Educational or Community Info – At One Step Services, we design a variety of content ready postcards that feature relevant information for homeowners, community events and info, and seasonal greetings. These pieces are ready to mail with very little effort from you. Check them out and place an order at

Need help setting up your direct mail marketing campaign? We execute all steps of direct mail including campaign management, design, print and postal processing. We also offer specialty services including EDDM and First Class mailings. Email or call us at 949-587-5301