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Our Fav5 Color Palettes for Summer 2021

Summer is here! And with it, a whole host of bright, warm, fun colors. Check out our Fav5 color palettes for inspiration for summer marketing campaigns, events, decor, and branding.

Bright Summer Palette

Although I have affinity for bright colors all year long, summer is where I really let them shine. This color palette reminds me of giant pink flamingo pool floaties, neon sunnies at the beach, and little ones with popsicle juice all over their faces. This palette is loud and crazy and a little messy, just how I like my summers. You can find the color hex codes for this palette here:

Daisy Summer Palette

While this palette is more subtle, it is no less sunny and cheerful. I intentionally picked this one because it doesn’t have pink or red, which are found in lots of summer color palettes but are disliked by many. If I were planning a wedding, graduation party, or any big summer event, I’d be using this palette. And that teal blue? I’ll wear that all day every day of summer. You can find the hex codes for this palette here:

Summer Reef Palette

If you’re here for a more beachy, laid back vibe with subtle colors, this one’s for you. This color combo might work well for a business that has a strong visual brand and is looking for a seasonal design to compliment it, not compete with it. You can find the hex codes for this palette here

Summer Berries Palette

I like this palette because the colors are bold, but not bright. Perfect for those who prefer a richer, darker look. I’m envisioning some sort of booklet – maybe a menu, a catalog, a presentation – with lots of white space but strokes of these bold colors throughout. You can find the hex codes for this palette here:

Summer Wave Tunnel Palette

Okay, I know I said earlier that I had an affinity for bright colors, but these summer neutrals are hard to pass up. This palette has the same warmth as its brighter counterparts, but with a more classic, serious look. This would be a great color combination high end restaurant running a surf and turf summer special. I could also see these colors on the walls of a legal or financial office that is by the beach. You can find the hex codes for this palette here:

Do you want to incorporate any of these palettes on your next marketing piece? Or create a new visual brand based on these color combos? Let our designers know! Email us at or call 949-587-5301.