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Turn Your Postcard Into A Pot of Gold

turn your postcard into a pot of gold

Hey you! Yes, you! You have been mailing some great content with us. I know because I see it! But are you sharing that content on other channels as well? If not, you should be! Get the most bang for your buck by repurposing your postcard content and sharing it on your other marketing channels. Turning 1 marketing piece into 7? That’s marketing gold right there. 

Email a digital copy
Once your postcard is approved to print, we can send you a digital version for email.  If possible, email to the same people that you sent postal mail to. Targeting the same audience across different channels is the best way to make sure your message is seen and acted on. 

Post it on social media
In addition to a digital copy, you can also ask us for a social media copy which we re format specifically for social media. We can create a square image for posts, or a rectangle image for stories. 

Use it as a targeted Facebook Ad 
Did you know that you can upload your direct mail address list to Facebook ads manager? This allows you to target the same audience on two different channels. And, we can absolutely create an FB ad for you that matches your postcard. 

Create a short video
Most of the content that fits on a postcard could be shared in a 30 second video. This does not have to be fancy. Simply film yourself saying what is written on the postcard. Then post that video natively to Instagram and Facebook. Upload it to YouTube and share the link on LinkedIn.

Look at you! You just took 1 marketing piece and turned it into 4! That’s marketing gold.

Need some help repurposing your postcard? Just shoot us an email or call us 949-587-5301.