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What Exactly Is A Brand?

At One Step, when we talk about a brand, we are referring to the visual brand. That’s the stuff that goes out into the world and represents your company, things like the logo, color palette, fonts, website, layout of different marketing collateral. Have you ever gotten a product in the mail and really loved the box that it came in? That’s branding, baby. 

However, a company’s, or person’s, brand actually goes much deeper than that. As Amazon Titan Jeff Bezos puts it, “Your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.” 

The brand is the essence of the company/person. What you do, why you do it, and how you do it should all be conscious decisions made to create one cohesive message and experience that is your brand. 

Let’s have an example, shall we? 

I recently met with a company selling herbal infused teas and coffee. They are a brand new company and needed help with everything, including a name. But they were having a bit of an identity crisis. They couldn’t decide if they were a coffee shop selling health supplements, or a health supplements company selling coffee. We talked through that, and once they decided who they were (a health supplements company that sold coffee) everything else fell into place. We were able to pinpoint a target audience, create a name, even the color scheme was so much easier once a core identity had been established. 

As the company continues to grow, with a website, digital ads, reseller partnerships, their brand will continue to be critical in making decisions that present a cohesive message, look and identity to their audience. 

A brand is the foundation of your business. The most important thing to know about a brand is that isn’t something you set and forget. You should regularly be auditing your brand, making sure that the visuals you project, the events you host, the product you sell and the service you provide all adhere to your company’s core messaging and identity. And when they don’t, make changes accordingly. 

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