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Unveiling the mysteries of UV Coating

What is UV Coating?

UV coating is a special coating applied to print pieces in order to protect the artwork and enhance the look of the piece. UV Coating is a finishing coating, meaning it is applied to the piece after it is printed as opposed to paper coatings which are applied to the paper during the manufacturing process and before printing. 

UV coating is applied to paper wet and then instantly dried with ultraviolet light (hence the name, UV). It is not waterproof, but it does make pieces water resistant. Glossy UV coating adds a significant shine to a piece. Matte UV adds a sheen to a piece, a finish that is flat but not dull. Both types add a smooth texture for a more noticeable tactile experience. 

Whether you choose matte or glossy UV, you can choose to have it applied to the front side, back side, or both. Spot UV, which is almost always glossy, can be applied to specific locations of a piece and not the entire side. Spot UV is a great way to make logos or important brand elements stand out. 

When should you opt for UV coating?

We highly recommend UV coating for mailed pieces, as it can help reduce scuff marks created by mail processing equipment. It’s also a very popular finish for business cards, presentation folders, and brochures. If a piece is going to be handled frequently, we recommend UV coating. 

Do not use UV coating on a piece that will need to be written on. Also, certain papers come with coatings that will prevent the UV coating from adhering properly. If you are using a specialty paper, be sure to ask us if UV coating will 

Many of our clients also choose UV because they like the way the coating changes the look and feel of the piece. One thing to note, UV coating, especially matte UV, can sometimes change the tone of colors on a printed piece. The change is usually nominal, but it is still something to take into account. 

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