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What Is Every Door Direct Mail?

Title image what is every door direct mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a direct mail marketing program created by USPS. It allows businesses to send high volume mailings to targeted local areas at a cost that is often cheaper than standard marketing mail.

EDDM works quite differently from priority mail and standard marketing mail (aka bulk mail). The biggest difference is that EDDM is mailed to entire carrier routes, NOT to specific addresses. EDDM pieces are addressed to “Local Postal Customer.” When mailing an EDDM piece, you do not get to pick and choose specific addresses, you mail to the entire carrier route.

All EDDM pieces are addressed to “Residential Customer.” They do not have addresses or names on them.

EDDM works very well for brick and mortar businesses, or businesses that want to target specific geographic regions. It also works best for businesses that want to mail a few hundred pieces. While there is no official minimum for EDDM, most carrier routes have 300-500 homes, and some can have upwards of 1,000. EDDM is particularly beneficial to businesses in the following industries: restaurant, automotive, home improvement services, gyms and fitness clubs, dry cleaners, nonprofits and real estate.

Why Use EDDM?

Depending on your current mail marketing strategy, you may find that EDDM is cheaper and easier to execute than standard bulk mail. If you don’t have a mailing list, EDDM is extremely beneficial as it allows you to mail without the additional cost and effort of purchasing a list. EDDM is a smart move for storefront businesses that are trying to drive foot traffic to their location with coupons, events or seasonal products and services.

One of the cons of EDDM is that it takes quite a bit of work to bundle pieces and prepare the for mailing. But you can avoid all of that by hiring One Step Services! We offer full EDDM services which includes designing, printing, bundling and post office delivery. Call us at 949-587-5301 or email for a quote!