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10 Unique Holiday Gifts for Your Corporate Clients

A few years ago we put together an extensive list of 25 unique client gifts that were sure to make you the talk of the corporate Christmas party. Almost everything on that list is still available and things we highly recommend, but we’ve got a few more ideas to take you through the 2022 holiday season. So here are 10 more gift ideas that would be great for clients, employees, vendors, business partners or anyone else you want to deliver joy to this holiday season. 

  • A custom leather travel keychain from the Wander Club. Purchase engraved tokens that represent special places the recipient has traveled. 
  • A Pinatagram! These mini pinatas are mailed and filled with candy and a personalized message. 
  • Face Socks. Just as the name would suggest, these are socks with your face on them. Perfect for someone with a sense of humor who isn’t afraid to sport your face on their calves. 
  • Logo puzzle. Shutterfly can take any photo and turn it into a puzzle. If you need a gift for a small company or department, consider a puzzle with their logo and branding on it. This highly personalized and thoughtful gift doubles as a fun team building activity. 
  • Customized Stickers. There are a million directions you can go with this. Stickers of your logo, stickers of their logo, stickers to represent the community where both companies work. We suggest doing something that follows your companies brand, but goes beyond the logo. Does your CEO have a memorable catchphrase? Does your company have a mascot? Turn those into stickers. Need help? We can design and print stickers for you. 
  • Desk Blossom Kits. These desktop planter boxes with seeds are especially perfect if the company you are sending gifts to is working remote. They are cheap enough that you can send one to every one of your contacts at the company, and they can be sent through Amazon to different addresses.  
  • A Calendar. We can design and print a variety of calendars for you that are custom to your brand. This is a great client gift because it helps keep your brand top of mind all year long. 
  • Portable phone charger. Almost every single person in your life could use a portable charger. Give them one with your company logo on it and they’ll think of you often! 
  • Local bakery delivery. A quick Google search will show you local doughnut shops and bakeries near your clients. Have them deliver a batch of fresh baked goodies to the office as a delicious surprise. 
  • Branded Picnic Blanket. Call us crazy, but we think the holidays are actually the perfect time to give the gift of summer. Your clients will receive tons of edible treats, candles, coffees and other winter things. These picnic blankets will stand out and help them remember your company all year round. 

Don’t forget! One Step has an extensive collection of holiday cards that would pair perfectly with any of the gifts above. Check out our Postcard Catalog to order.

*Please Note: All of the items featured on this list are ones we have used before and/or they are from companies we trust. These are not affiliate links and we were not given any sort of compensation for featuring these products. This is not an ad.